FAA Updates! The FAA enters the new millenium

The long-anticipated CARES initiative is expected to be up and running in October 2021.

CARES, which was authorized (read mandated) by the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, brings the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aircraft Registry Branch into the new millennium.  Gone will be the days of 8+ weeks for filed documents to be recorded.

There will be tiers of users who will be able to register aircraft, reserve N numbers, obtain certificates and many other functions now only available in the Public Documents room in Oklahoma City.

CARES is designed to allow remote access to documents while, at the same time, making the Aircraft Registry Branch more efficient.  Processing times are expected to be week or less.

Air Law Office is here to help you navigate the Aircraft Registry Branch as it now operates and during the CARES era.  Here’s to technological advancements!


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